Sunday, 9 June 2013

meanwhile at the lego gym...

Lego man is busy boxing, training to be world champion!  Tom's new Lego creation is a house for his police mini figures.  It includes the gym (some of which is pictured above and then again below), a kitchen, dining room and living room, laundry and a bedroom.  It looks like a great place to hang out!
 Don't you just love the treadmill?!  Tom says the only gym he's ever seen was on Peppa Pig (who says you can't learn anything from the television?!)!  I think the large set of weights is priceless too - great use of Tom's imagination.
And the bird's eye view - what a great share house for the police to hang out!  Complete with a healthy bowl of fruit - just what you need after a long day catching criminals!

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