Wednesday, 26 June 2013

flanders poppy collection

Flanders poppies are now in bloom! Perhaps not in the garden, but these knitted and crocheted poppies have started to roll into our local adult education centre for the Poppies for Remembrance commemoration in November.  We have had more partners come on board this week and it's looking to be a very inclusive community event.  People are having lots of great ideas about how they'll decorate their own spaces and what they can do down the main street - just what we hoped, that way everybody is playing a part and it gives people ownership.
That's my crochet poppy in the centre - now that I'm using the right stitches I am only a short way off posting a pattern!  I just need to finesse it and hope to have that ready next week.  I have a few deadlines to meet by Friday, so everything else just has to wait!  I can't tell you how fantastic it has been to start this project off and see it so readily embraced by our community.  Long may it last!
The set-up!  Photographing red - gah!  So hard to make it look good, so I apologise if it's a bit dark or not quite right on your screens.  I've just changed my camera setting to RAW so I hope that makes a difference.  I have a direct comparison of JPEG and RAW files - the latter seems to be better, so I will work in that for a while...  lah, lah, lah!