Monday, 3 June 2013

crocheted flanders poppies adorning containers

Wow!  I graduated to three dimensional containers last night, crocheted in a round!  Kate tried to explain them to me a few weeks ago, but I still couldn't understand.  I accidentally created a flat circle for a base (trying to do something else!) and realised I was half way there.  Then I googled and found out all I had to do was revert from double crochet somethingorothers and just do singles, then the sides would curl up and a container would form.  I even managed to do double somethingorothers again on the green one and create a lip to the container.  Wah hoo!  And with poppies on them, for something different!

For all of those wondering, the poppies will go on display in our town to promote a Remembrance project we're working on for November.  If you'd like to make poppies to be involved in the project, we would be thrilled to have you on board.  Please leave a comment and I will contact you with further information.


  1. These are great! It is a marvellous idea as well for Remembrance Day as well. I'm so impressed at you working out how to do the cups! Love Mum

    1. Thanks! Hope to get it in the window tonight for a display... lots to do! But at least it's all creative!