Tuesday, 4 June 2013

crochet flanders poppy plate - check!

Last night I had an idea...  what if I put a border around one of my crochet Flanders poppies and kept going.  Could it?  Would it?  Become a plate?  My first attempt went a bit wonky, so I ripped back and tried again.  I crocheted an edge around the poppie first, then on my second go around, just did the tops of the petals, then chained five between the gaps.  I've been trying to find the correct term for the stitch I used, but I can't...  maybe it's a hybrid stitch?!  I will ask mum when she comes home and let you know!  I thought it needed an edge once I made it large enough, and the blue makes a nice contrast.  I've started making it a friend - hope to have more to show you later!