Monday, 10 June 2013

chinese lantern love and a basket liner in progress

We were lucky to see an abundance of chinese lanterns growing yesterday.  They are just beautiful and grown en masse form such a lovely display at this time of year.  I've taken cuttings and hope that with some gel I can strike them for our own garden. 
I just love looking up through plants to the sky, seeing the light through papery petals - the effect much like when looking through hollyhocks.
There were white chinese lanterns too, but I was so drawn by the yellow, orange and red that I neglected to take any!  Woops!
Sophie has asked for her own wool collection.  She is becoming quite adept at finger knitting ("I can even do it without looking mum!") and her fascination with all things fibre is beginning - how exciting. And of course she will need somewhere to put her precious wool.  I found a flat circle pattern using half trebles at Attic24 and just kept going once I got the hang of it.  I stopped increasing and that's what has formed the sides.  Hopefully my hand doesn't drop off before I finish and fill the basket with wool!


  1. Now all you need is a kitten to hop in the basket.

    1. No! No more pets - as much as we love them, no... but I do agree that a kitten in the basket would look very cute! Makes me want to upgrade the pet beds with some cute crochet, but they can go on the very long list of things to do!