Thursday, 30 May 2013

tom's crochet cushion of blue and brown - complete!

It was a very happy boy who discovered I'd finished his crochet cushion last night.  Tom seems to have  the least handmade of accessories for his bedroom, something I will rectify as time goes by.  I think it makes a great start though!

The back was just a matter of alternating the blue and brown and carrying up the alternative thread as I went along.  I've tried a couple of different ways of doing this and think I nearly had it licked three-quarters of the way.  It didn't really matter what I did as the inside isn't going to be seen anyway.

Tom's new cushion will be just as at home on the bed as on the chair.  See how his two little buddies are so comfortable settling in?!  Teddy was a special present from nana and pa when Tom was born.  Mum and Joe trailled around the toy shops in Tralee (in Ireland, where we were living at the time) looking for what mum thought was the perfect present.  A little while after mum went back to Australia, Tom received Teddy's sweet little red knitted jumper in the post - the wool matching a kimono style cardigan that mum had also knitted for Tom.  It's nice to know that some handknits still fit, even if it is just on a teddy bear!

PS I don't remember where Puppy's stripey knit came from, but think it was something mum found at the op shop.

PPS Don't you just love the original names?!  Makes them easy to remember, I suppose!


  1. Love the idea of alternating the wool - it's really effective - and teddy's jumper is cooooooool! Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane!! Glad it worked so well and saves having to tie in 690 million ends with more than two colours featured!