Monday, 27 May 2013

the one with the horse

I love walking into the kids' rooms and seeing things like this - so unexpected that you have to look twice and wonder - what were they thinking?!  Sophie has tied her lego horse reins to a ribbon that is in turn attached to a paper lantern she decorated at school last week.  I can't wait to ask her about it when she gets home!  It's on a par with the sign we found stating 'no smoking on easter' (Joe and I don't smoke - well not for 13 years we haven't!) and the used toilet roll holder with a note on it: 'do not touch' then, in scribbly writing underneath, 'spider inside'.  With a lack of punctuation it's one of those statements that could go either way - were we not to touch the toilet roll at all?  Or just the spider inside?!

I look forward to hearing more about the horse on the ribbon on the lantern this afternoon...  will keep you posted!

It turns out the horse is there so Sophie has something to look at if she can't get to sleep - kind of like a mobile above a cot I suppose!


  1. She is such a funny bat-winged kind of thing.

  2. I wonder what she did say, her explanation! I'm sure you didn't touch either the spider inside or the toilet roll!, knowing how you feel about spiders! Love Mum

    1. The spider was long gone by the time I saw the toilet roll. And I would have squashed it had I found it!