Saturday, 25 May 2013

setting the birds free: decorative bird cage

As much as I love my little boy, I do love his daytime sleeps.  I'm not looking forward to him giving them up anytime soon!  It's my only time during the week, when Tom and Sophie are at school, that I can do my own work, write and sometimes have time left over for a little creativity...  like yesterday!  I finally managed to transform one of my birdcages from the tip (the other still looking beautiful hanging outside in the apricot tree).  This half yellow and white cage has been transformed with the most glorious green spray paint and now takes pride of place on our sideboard.
 It looked a bit lonely without anything in it, so some paper cranes (ones I'd made earlier - I didn't have that much time!) took flight and landed inside of their own free will.  A little spruce of the rest of the sideboard has transformed this space - I can't wait to see the low winter sunlight dappling through this afternoon - will take some more pics and update if I get the chance...
And the view from the top - see there's not a roof here so the birds can fly away at will!  And the green!  Amazing what a spot of spray paint will do.  I asked the salesperson at the hardware shop whether the spray paint was the sort that would be good on the railway underpass - she did a double take before realising I was only joking!  Now I'll be able to show her some shots of the bird cage so she can understand what sort of tag I have!!

Now, it's action stations around here - chaos is shortly to descend in the form of a 10 year old's birthday party.  I have the cake in the oven and a mini golf course to create.  Oh, sure that will take five minutes won't it?!  And please - cross your fingers that I have all of my windows in tact by the end of the day, I will be sure to instruct everyone in the gentle art of mini golf - taps, boys, not full swings!

Edited to add: 
Ah hah!  And that was what I was hoping for!
 Happy birds...
and fabulous shadows cast on the wall!


  1. Wow - that looks stunning - plus I love the idea of hanging them outside in the trees! Hope your birthday party goes well x Jane

    1. The blue one is terrific outside.. hope to find some more to join it in the garden!

      The party - especially the mini golf - was a great success. Exhausting though!