Wednesday, 29 May 2013

on the wall: beautiful shadows

Tom's complaints about dirty socks had to pause this morning - just wait there til I get the camera!  The light bouncing off the mirror and on to the wall formed the perfect frame for Tom's shadow - if you know him, perhaps you will recognise it's not the happiest of faces on view!  Or perhaps you can tell from the furrowed brow - it really is showing up! - and the pursed lips.  Oh, but not a photo to be wasted though, I just love it!  Although Tom - well he thinks he looks like Julius Caesar...  something to do with the hair!


  1. A great way to get a decent photo of children - without the silly faces and rolling eyes showing up.

    1. Don't you just love those tongues sticking out or the rabbit ears over a sibling's head? I'm amazed Tom's furrowed brow was so defined though!! Will have to try with the other kids.