Monday, 6 May 2013

heart-shaped cushion - a team effort!

Busy hands - big and small - got to work yesterday making this heart-shaped cushion for one of Sophie's school friends.  Sophie drew the picture of the little girl and stitched it by herself - just needing help with threading the needle and the occasional tangle - then I set to work assembling everything.  We found a heart shape online, then printed it out and traced it on a cereal box to make a template (Sophie thought she was very funny walking around with it pressed to her chest: "I've got a weetbix heart mum!").
The dots on the back had been attached some time ago and were crying out to be used.  I sewed around them on the machine to make sure they hold tight.
I'm delighted with the different stitches on my sewing machine - they make very light work of embroidery.  And something I wouldn't finish in a lifetime - believe me, it would end up as just another work in progress!
And just another look at Sophie's little girl - cute!  It's actually worked really well, combining the hand stitching with the machine embroidery.  Sophie's delighted with her work - as she should be - and we think we'll be doing this again for another present or two...


  1. I love the cushion, you both should be very proud of your combined creativity! The recipient would have been thrilled too! Love Mrs A