Sunday, 12 May 2013

happy mother's day!

Croissants, tea and the latest issue of Country Style in bed!  Bliss!  As I lay there looking at the beautiful images of people's homes, it filled me with inspiration.  Instead of moving on to the newspapers, I leapt out of bed and on to the computer.  I'd like my mother's day to be about creation, indulging myself in my own projects for the day...  Sounds pretty reasonable, don't you think?!  And we're looking forward to lunch with mum and MSF later on - Joe and the kids are on duty and we're going to enjoy a simple forage of fresh ciabatta with ham and whatever else they rustle up in the supermarket deli.  Tom's on chocolate pudding duty, so I am especially looking forward to dessert!


  1. We are looking forward to it as well! Happy Mother's Day to you...without my children I wouldn't be a mother!! So thankyou for coming to me! Love Mum

  2. Oh it sounds like you are going to have a lovely day - enjoy x Jane

    1. It was lovely, thanks Jane! Am so pleased with what I managed to make and learnt to do granny squares as well!

  3. A perfect day! I have shopped and knitted - bliss for me :)