Monday, 8 April 2013

treasures wrapped in foil

When I was younger, we would travel home from trips to Granny's with gardenias wrapped in moistened tissues and covered in foil.  The gardenias would scent the car with their sweet perfume, a smell that can't fail to bring back good memories.  Yesterday, mum sent me home with these beautiful roses - it's such a treat to have some cut flowers in the house, with our garden still very much a work in progress.  I have a rose list here in front of me as I write - tomorrow, a glimpse of some of my favourite roses from a lovely nursery not too far from here...  until then!


  1. Yes, I guess you will be sending Sophie and the boys or boys' wives home with flowers...gardenias or roses I would guess. The colours behind the roses make it look like the background for a watercolour! Love Mrs A

  2. I hope so! Hopefully we'll always have plenty of extra to give away, I can't wait!

  3. Oh this reminds me so much of my student days. I was already with Mr K but we only had a small back yard - we literally pulled up paving stones to plant bulbs. Mum was two hours away and had a much loved established flower garden - whenever we left there would be a posy of flowers, usually roses, wrapped in damp tissue and foil. To have that posy in my small flat meant the world to me - something I now hope I can pass on to my girls as they begin to leave the nest. Thank you for bringing back such a sweet memory x Jane

    1. What a classic! And as my mum says in the above comment, she's sure I'll do the same with my kids. It's a lovely tradition and I'm delighted it brought back such lovely memories for you, Jane. Cheers, Lucy