Thursday, 18 April 2013

thrifted tea trolley

Is it still officially thrifting when you're given something?  I suppose the act of receiving something secondhand falls under the category of 'being thrifty' so there you go!  We're using the tea trolley as a side table in my office, which is also starting to be used as a sitting room.  Joe and I find ourselves having a chat in here, away from the kids and their amazingly good hearing.  Tom is the worst - or should we say best?! - having been gifted with supersonic ears.  You can be almost whispering, rooms away, and he will know exactly what he said.  Best not to talk about Christmas presents whilst even in the same town as Tom, or he will know what presents to expect!

It's fairly quiet around here now school's gone back.  I've been trying to get some work done, another project that's due on Monday.  I have been having a lot of fun with InDesign.  It's a program I've owned for some time now, but usually just sit down to do my work and don't give myself much time just to have fun.  It's very hard to get any kind of crafting done with Jono around, however I find it easy just to hop on and off the computer - nothing to tidy away, just a button to switch off, yet I've been able to do something creative!

Expect to see more posts with this new kind of layout, whilst I continue to exercise that creative muscle!