Wednesday, 17 April 2013

the double dining table

It seemed a shame to not put our new dining table to use.  After all, how often do 6' x 3' dining tables fall into your hands?  And look at those beautiful turned legs?!  It's just gorgeous!  Joe suggested pushing it next to our existing dining table - we have the space and there's only a small height difference.  Although I was dubious at first, I now really love it - there's just the matter of not having enough chairs!  We do have more, but most of them need work, so you know what I'll be doing from now on!  Some of the chairs need new seats though, so I will have to make something very inventive for them...  consider this a long term work in progress...!


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    1. I bet you do! We have some more new ones too, that mum found in the hard waste. Just need a paint, but I need to go and choose first...