Wednesday, 24 April 2013

taking creative risks: patchwork fabric samples

One of my lovely old friends (she's not old, just been a friend for a long time now!!!) gave me bags of fabric samples recently.  I was sitting in the office, trying to tidy up and look for aida cloth at the same time, when I had a brainwave - completely unrelated to the task at hand!  Why couldn't I try patching together the fabric samples to cover my new chairs?  It's a bit of a risk - I may sew everything together and decide it looks terrible, that it's been a complete waste of time...  or it might just look fantastic!  Anyway, I'm going to have fun trying - it's been ages since I sunk my teeth into a sewing project.  Stay tuned to see how it goes!


  1. I really think that could work. It is daunting at the start of a project when you don't know if it'll work. As the fabric was free, the worst thing that could happen is that a bit of your time is lost - it's a good gamble!

    1. Thanks Avril! I think what really helped too was accepting it wasn't going to be perfect, but that it would be a lot worse if I didn't finish... And the fact that I hadn't paid for the fabric really helped!