Tuesday, 9 April 2013

sweet dreams of roses and money falling from the sky

I'm currently hoping for some money (even a little!) to fall from the sky and fund my garden wishlist!  We have so many plants we'd like to buy - no to mention the front fence - that a trip to a rose nursery perhaps wasn't the best thing to do, for people who don't have any money to spare...  but it certainly gave us some food for thought.  I'm hoping that by winter time we will be able to buy some bare-rooted roses - at least I can justify that they're much cheaper to buy that way.  Top of my list would be the Guy Savoy striped climber (above) that has the most magnificent blooms and would be perfect on the fence outside my bedroom window.  I can just imagine lying in bed, looking out the window at two of my favourite colours - red and hot pink - clambering up (and covering) our colorbond fence.
The Maurice Utrillo rose is not meant to be a very tall grower, but is meant to flower prolifically which would make it perfect outside my study window.  I made a list of about 30 roses all up from the nursery.  Unless the blooms are particularly stunning, I don't know if there's much point to growing roses that don't smell!  That, for me, is their drawcard.  I just love walking through roses and smelling them until my nose almost explodes.  Hopefully we'll be able to achieve the same sensation here - but even bare-rooted, my wishlist comes in close to $600...  hmmm, lots of contract work for me then!
I didn't write the names down of these climbers, but don't they look amazing against the blue sky, wisps of white clouds and all?  I can see that my plans for quite a simple garden are turning into a plant-filled space, trellises to climb, maybe a pergola or arch or both?  I know it will all evolve over time and I'm honestly quite happy to wait for most of it!  What I'd like to be able to do, though, is to start planting out what we already have in pots.  Like the chicken and the egg, though, we can't do that until we have some good soil in place.  And we can't put the soil down until we do some work to make some raised beds.  I'm happy that we use something like straw bales to form a wall, but again, have to buy them first!

In the meantime, I'll be watching the sky for those dollar notes - and trying to catch them when they fall!