Tuesday, 16 April 2013

sophie's headquarters - a proper desk works wonders

More playing with InDesign this afternoon!  Procrastinating doing some real work as this is far more fun...  This is Sophie's new desk which was another goodie we were given yesterday.  She's absolutely delighted with herself, running around the house last night saying: "I'm going to be rich!  I'm going to be rich!"  When we asked why, Sophie said it was because the desk looks so smart!  What a classic!

Right!  That's done, now I really need to do some work before it's time to wake up Jono and pick Tom and Sophie up from school...


  1. I think you could start a movement with this - a series of don't you think every desk should have.....

    1. Don't you think every desk should have... an endless supply of freshly brewed tea (in a pot of course), chocolate and great magazines?!