Friday, 26 April 2013

patchwork covered chair reveal - success!

Who would have thunk it?  The patchwork covers... work!  After a huge day on the sewing machine, I managed to finish the most complicated sewing project I've ever taken on.  Whilst the top cushion cover is completely finished, the bottom cover is still just pinned on to the chair.  I want to sand the chair first and don't want to get any mess on my new covers.  This way, I will be able to take it off and fix it on properly once the wood has been sorted.  I will also be able to use the bottom section as a template for the other chairs.  Hopefully I will have enough fabric samples for another one or two chairs...  will just have to wait and see!
I had been planning on making slip on covers, but during the process had another brainwave (dangerous, I know!).  What if I unpicked the bottom of the old covers and sewed it in?  Then I would have zippered cushions without having to sew in a zip myself (something I am yet to do!)...  And it worked!  Sooooooooo....  it's great to report that my creative risk panned out.  It wasn't a waste of time, in fact it pushed my sewing skills to another level.  I'm now eyeing off a large armchair which needs a refresh - I will add it to the list now, thinking that perhaps I will really be able to do it myself!

It's been so satisfying having a creative project on the go.  As I mentioned a few days ago, the writing is really feeling like hard work!  So I needed a creative break from my creative 'work'...  is there some irony in this?!


  1. Huge success! Pa and I think it is brilliant! I think it was such a clever idea using the zip! Love Mum

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    1. Thanks Elli! Now if only I can find a few more days to finish the others...

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    1. Thanks Avril! Hopefully the others will look just as good!

  4. It's wonderful! You clever clogs what a brilliant idea? I am not a fan of zippers at all. I have put in a handful but they always cause me great grief. Best of luck with the sanding. Leax

    1. HI Lea,

      Thank you! I am delighted I've managed to avoid - again - the sewing in of a zipper. It may well come in time, but I will avoid it if possible! Hopefully the sanding won't be too tedious!