Friday, 12 April 2013

it's the simple things...

Who knew that timber off-cuts could bring such joy?  They are a big hit with Jono and Sophie at the moment, especially being drawn on with chalk.  We have very fine pigment fragments all over the place - I keep finding them all over the herbs and wonder whether the chalk is providing us with a good supplement to strengthen us over the winter as things get cooler?!  I made this little house for Jono a few weeks ago - a bit like a wooden version of a house of cards!
The expressway is also a major hit - it wouldn't look out of place in the big city.  I love watching the kids getting busy with the wood, making it into whatever they want it to be.  I guess it's part of nurturing their own creativity and letting them be free to express with their own voices.
Jono particularly loves dropping the cars down ramps - look at his serious little face!  Watching them play with the wood reminds me of how at Christmas time you often find kids playing with the boxes.  Well here are our kids with a garden filled with toys - and look at what they're doing!  Just another reminder to keep things simple...


  1. It's actually a pretty beautiful road.

    1. I think I'd be a bit scared on it, but think my new car would be just the one to tackle the more upright sections!