Tuesday, 16 April 2013

granny chic - a definition

I've been having a giggle as I walk around the house, looking at my spoils from yesterday's house clearance.  We are definitely rocking a very granny chic vibe around here, which hasn't at all been intentional...  and led on to me creating a definition for our house's condition:

granny chic (n.)
The unavoidable side-effect of accepting other people's unwanted goods.

Our house is put together with hand-me-downs and thrifted items and we've been very lucky to be in receipt of such wonderful items.  I must admit that I used to struggle living with other people's stuff, feeling like I just wish we could go out and buy something new of our own.  But living this way is what's helped get us into our own house, which has been the main goal all along.  It's also very environmentally friendly, having rescued items that might have otherwise been sent to the tip.

Here's to granny chic - saving the world, one salvaged piece at a time!

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