Monday, 1 April 2013

easter 2013

 We've had a lovely, low key Easter - just what we all need!  The kids were delighted to receive a note from the Easter Bunny, telling them exactly how many eggs to find.  It saves the disappointment of seeing the dogs wander around the garden post-hunt, glittering foil attached to their whiskers.
 I was a bit dubious about the Easter Bunny leaving eggs in the bird feeder - thought it may induce some inappropriate egg-eating behaviours from the birds - wouldn't you swap gritty egg shells and raw yolk for chocolate, given the chance? 
As well as the bird feeder, eggs nestled in rock walls, trees and pot plants.  The kids raced around with much excitement, the thrill of the hunt as much fun as eating their spoils.  In all, only 2 eggs were missing by the end - and no glittery whiskered canines to be found...  we don't know what happened to the missing eggs, perhaps they were carried away by ants?!
And yes - it was confirmed that the gold eggs did taste different to the others - not as sweet, much more chocolatey (thanks Errol for swapping one with me!).
 This smart-thinking, chocolate addicted toddler was quick to make a getaway on the trike... and stopped by his quick-thinking father who realised there would be problems if the egg haul was abducted...
Eggs were divided into fairly ordered piles.  One family finished theirs sooner than anybody else...  we do love our chocolate!

Hope you've enjoyed your Easter too!