Saturday, 13 April 2013

do you picmonkey?

I was a huge fan of picnik, a free photo editing software that used to be online.  It had all sorts of wonderful effects to make you feel like the ultimate Photoshop genius, without either the training or the expensive software program!  I was devastated when Picnik disappeared and you can imagine my delight when Kate put me on to Picmonkey.  In these pictures, I've transformed a beautiful shot of borage...
 ... into a posterized version...
 ... and then cross processed the colours using a green filter...
... and used a Lomo filter here...

... all at the touch of a button!  Picmonkey is free, but also has premium effects that you can subscribe to, I think for just over $30 per year (if I read the details properly!).  I haven't subscribed yet, but it does seem like amazing value!

Which photo-editing software do you use?  Or do you prefer them untouched?!


  1. I have subscribed to and and even though I do now use photoshop - you can't beat the speed of hopping onto picmonkey - it is utterly worth subscribing to and I don't say that lightly. It is also fantastic for the kids and they adore editing photos on it. I particularly love the photo with the green photo - I love the aqua tint to it.

    1. Sounds great, will have to talk more about it with you!