Tuesday, 5 March 2013

white noise and other distractions

I'm determined to find more time in the day for writing.  I figure if I aim for 250 words of my manuscript, then I could finish it in 12 months time.  Goals are simple to make; so much harder to follow through.  So I'm not promising anything, not making a public statement for which I'll be accountable.  I'm honest enough to accept that some days can go completely pear-shaped, from the moment my foot hits the floor as I crawl from my bed.  But I'm going to try.  And in my efforts to try to find more time and write more, I'll do a monthly check in with you to let you know how I'm going.

The extra time each day will come from identifying the white noise and other distractions.  These include stopping looking for a couple of days' work outside the home.  Our budget has been quite scary lately, but I keep reminding myself that we've had some pretty major, one-off expenses with moving in to our new house.  These won't be continuing and we're hoping that things will settle down, money-wise.  If things are still tight in 12 months time, I'll have to look for work.  Otherwise, we can stay as we are, living on one income and my casual freelancing.

I think the main thing is to make the commitment to writing and follow through with my goals.  I talked to Joe last night and he's very supportive.  He's also sick of hearing that I want to write, so that could be his motivation too!  I'll try to not do the same thing to all of you - less talk, more action!

And so the first month begins - I'll give you an update on April 5th to let you know if I've reached my target!

PS  I just realised that if I take away the words I've already written, I may not even have to do the 250 words each day.  I will have to do the maths and get back to you!


  1. All sounds good to me. Now when people ask you about what you do, you say firmly, I am a writer! Love Mrs A