Monday, 25 March 2013

trouble brewing...

I don't think Tom will be interested in what I had for lunch today - or how much I enjoyed it.  I did wonder - as I sat at the table intently eating my pear salad - why it had been ages since I sat down for lunch.  Why do I always rush through what can be such an enjoyable meal?  It seemed slightly luxurious, for I even had the weekend papers spread in front of me and managed to read a few articles.  I couldn't remember the last time I'd eaten like this during the week - usually it's a sandwich gulped down at the bench inbetween one job or another.  And when I went down to check on Jono, finding him in Tom's room instead of his own, with a pulled apart Lego aeroplane in his hands, I remembered - this is why I don't sit down for lunch!


PS No investigation required for this air disaster, but Minnie thought she'd try and sniff out some clues anyway!


  1. That's a homecoming I would be dreading.... Lunch sounds sooo good though. Any tips?

    1. We were in a lot of trouble, not helped by Tom not feeling 100% anyway. Woops! Lunch was delicious, my tip is to not sit down, but now you have both kids at school that's okay! Ha ha! Just pear, buttery soft lettuce, red onion, cucumber, balsamic vinegar and oil... simple!

  2. Little brothers and big brothers don't always mix. Looks like something that would happen at our house.