Wednesday, 6 March 2013

thrifted foosball

Even a cracked foosball set can find another home!  We found this on our last trip to the tip - no ball and a 15cm crack on the base, but lots of potential for fun.  Tom pulled it out of our garage on the weekend, delighted with his find.  The ball (can you see it above, top right - the yellow and red of it are showing) comes from a clown mobile, itself a thrifted find from the op shop.
The kids have all had a turn.  It provided them with some new entertainment as Joe and I worked on the patio on Sunday.  I love Jono's little face, concentrating on making the players move!  It still amazes me what people throw away - this crack can be fixed and the set will be as good as new.  I do understand, though, the need to move things on!  Every single room in this house needs to be gone through and culled.  But finding the time!  And doing it with my little helper by my side isn't always easy...

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