Monday, 18 March 2013

things that grow when you're not looking

We have lawn!  And grass that's now been mown twice - very exciting!  Seeing it every day means it's easy to lose track of how far it's come.  The bottom photo was taken just over a month ago, so you can really see how it's edging its way closer to the house.  We'll need to throw out some more grass seed in the bare patches, but there seem to be less and less of them.  It was lovely to have a much needed night away (with a group of lovely friends who also left their husbands and children behind!) and return to my family, home and garden.  Right where I want to be - but with time off every now and then of course!  Refreshed and recharged, ready for a week of homemaking.  Curtain hanging, here we come!

PS Can you see our pumpkin vine, getting bigger and bigger?!  Only tiny pumpkins that I don't think will come to much, but the bees seem to be loving the flowers so much - and I keep hearing how they've been suffering with the ongoing heat - that I can't bear to just pull it out...


  1. Lovely to see the green grass! Love Mrs A

  2. Wow - look at that grass! We need to get ours on the grow...

    1. You'll be wanting some rain too! We always look at Perth's weather to see what's coming here - hopefully not too many hot days for a while...