Thursday, 7 March 2013

there was actually more time than I realised...

Now that I've allowed myself 250 fresh, new words each day, I'm amazed at how quickly I achieve my goal.  I realise I'm only a few days in on a long term project, however I've even had time to write up my existing pages in to my manuscript.  I have over 7000 words and there is still more material to add in to the file - pages I had in that pesky bottom drawer that had got shuffled in to other writing projects - woops!
Yesterday I liberated roughly half of my various writing efforts from the bottom drawer.  They've been put in to a folder that overflowed so quickly I was almost embarrassed.  Why, you might ask.  Because there is so much that I've sat down to write - tens of thousands of words and more - then lost confidence and shelved for some reason or another.  It seems like I need to give not only the words, but myself, more respect than that.  Starting from now!
And I've also been amazed that I can achieve my goal without completely neglecting my family, or general household tasks - yesterday I even managed to fit in a cup of tea with a friend!  Amazing!  And I came out of the writing closet with her and it was easier than I thought.  I prefaced our conversation saying I still can't help feeling slightly delusional saying that I am devoting my time to writing.  As someone with great passions with her own, she understood the need to follow them.  Phew!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.

Onwards and upwards!

PS Unrelated pics - some of my favourites...  they've been somewhat neglected too....  I have over 20,000 photos on my computer and they need to be sorted out as well!


  1. Loving that The Manuscript (see, it has capital letters now) is out of the bottom drawer. This is a little story in itself.

    The pics are lovely too.

    1. Thanks Avril! It is unfolding in to quite another tale, isn't it?! Thank you for being part of the whole thing and inspiring me to liberate the work in the bottom drawer!