Wednesday, 13 March 2013

the clothesline or the plants...

There used to be a tv program where they asked 'the money or the box' - which would you choose?  Our budget is like that at the moment - the clothesline or the plants?  The fence or the gravel to complete the driveway and paths?  Topsoil for the lawn or mushroom compost for the garden beds?  As I type, Sophie's making the first budget decisions of her own- finding something from book club for under $5.  Quite devastating to realise that the picture of the Lalaloopsy doll was actually for a story, rather than the toy itself.  Here she comes again - yes, success!  A Lalaloopsy painting book for only $4 - she's done very well!

Fingers crossed I have the same luck in the budgetting decisions of my own!

PS Blackwork embroidery washing line stitched by me as a present for a friend a couple of years ago - pattern from the Made in France series - can't remember exactly which one, either Red, Blue or Black!


  1. Did you end up giving it to your friend?

    1. Wish I'd kept it myself! It was a birthday that ended in '0' though, so it deserved something pretty special!