Saturday, 9 March 2013

keeping score

The word counts are building!  Yesterday, I was so tired that thought I'd sneak away for a sleep while Jono was having his own nap.  Then somehow I rallied.  I would just do my quick 250 words and sneak off after that...  1065 words later!  Wow!  I was talking to Kate yesterday about how she has always heard about writers blocking hours of time for writing.  For her - and me - it seemed as though it was the only way.  I felt the same thing too, so to see how much I'm getting done is just amazing.  I am up to a total word count of 9707 now and still have some existing material to type in to this document.  Very exciting!  There remains much editing to do, but that will come.  For now it's about allowing that writing just make it to the page.

It's too early to scare it all away!