Friday, 15 March 2013

hanging it up - preparations...

Woo hoo!  We're nearly ready to put those finishing touches on the house!  Next week, Joe's taking a few days off work so we can hang pictures and curtains and do some work in the garden.  We can't really call it a holiday per se, but it will be easier to do everything with just Jono in the house, rather than Tom and Soph too.  And even with just Jono around, it will be challenging enough!  To ensure we don't waste any of that precious time next week, I've started putting screw eyes into the backs of pictures and will wire them up ready to go.  Can you tell how excited I am?!  Pictures on walls!  Imagine!

NEWS FLASH!  I did more than just start getting the pictures ready - I've even hung some myself.  MSF (my step-father rather than Medecin sans Frontieres!) would be so proud!  I have actually taken in all of his steps for hanging pictures - amazing!  Have only started with smaller pics as I need Joe for the larger ones - but it's included 2 trips to the hardware shop, purchase of a very small drill bit, a stud finder and some screw eyes, plus spray gloss enamel to whizz up some more white frames...  much excitement!
I ended up 'borrowing' a few of the kids' paintings that had been destined for their bedrooms.  I hope they don't mind but they look so perfect on that particular wall!  From left to right, top row, Sophie's cat, my cherries, Sophie's family portrait.  Bottom row - Tom's middle eastern picture. Sophie's people and a hare print by Julie Allen.

Ta da!


  1. It is going to be wonderful and so satisfying to see your own pieces of art up on your own walls Now to get Tom onto taking photos of you doing your WIP. Love from Mrs A...Mum

  2. WELL DONE! Your stepfather will be very proud of you and will think you have graduated to greater things! Love Mrs A

  3. Fantastic - they look so wonderful and bring the wall to life! xxxxx.

    1. It's so lovely to have them there after picturing it for so long - pardon the pun!