Wednesday, 20 March 2013

good hang ups

There are good hang ups and bad hang ups - these curtains are the former!  Soft, floaty white cotton Ikea curtains that have been good on the budget and are even better on the eye.  Joe and I made a continuous run of the white metal curtain poles (using elbow joins).  This saved having to stop and start the poles between the larger and smaller windows.  Closed, they give the room a beach house feel - Joe thinks very Mediterranean, although I will just have to go along with him, not having been there myself...  In fact, I don't think he's been there either, so we can just pretend!

And open, they give the room depth and warmth.  It's amazing to finally see them up, having thought about them for the past few months since we moved in to the 33rd house.  I wasn't sure whether they would work at all, but they're a lovely long 2500 drop and our ceilings are 2580, so I haven't even hemmed them.  I know they won't stay white for long, but at least they're machine washable, so that's easier than having to get something dry cleaned.  And they won't be as warm as a fully lined curtain, but we keep coming back to the dreaded budget - if we waited until we could afford proper curtains, we might never get them.  These will more than do for now, these good hang ups of ours!