Saturday, 2 March 2013

ducks on the doorstop

The recent rain has covered a small section of our road, bringing a dozen ducks to visit.  Yesterday afternoon, they edged closer to our house, walking up past the mail box as though they were on their way to dinner - to eat rather than be eaten, though!  Other visitors have come too - last night we went to bed with the loud frog chorus, taking us back to the 30th house where that was a regular occurrence.  A large dam and run-off near the house meant we were often serenaded by amphibious friends.  Again, as with our echidna sighting recently and the array of birds and other wildlife, I don't feel as though we're missing out by not being on a farm anymore.  Here, we have nature right on our doorstep - or at least the front garden, in the case of these wandering ducks!


  1. Lovely to see them, you are very lucky to have your wild life so close, not of course talking about the wild life in your house....our beautiful grandchildren! We had some wild life last night...have a peak at my blog, love Mrs A

    1. Are you really talking about your grandchildren like that?!