Thursday, 28 March 2013

another pic on the wall (or two or three)

I saved another you from another gratuitous 'pictures on walls' post last week and am using it this week instead!  Now don't look at that middle picture in the second row from left, ignore the too-wide gap between the middle picture in the last row and the ones above and below.  Done?!  Instead, gasp at the genius mathematician who lined up these pictures and put them into a box kind of layout...  amazing!  Now we just need to get another 16 frames to do the same thing on the other side of the roses.  Or else we'll just do something different - who knows?  What I do know - I love seeing our pictures on our walls.  But I think you might have already realised that by now!


  1. Looks great! A little bit wonky is a good thing I reckon ;)

    1. I know Ellie - I think if I wanted to work without wonky results, I wouldn't get anything done!