Thursday, 21 March 2013

and now an official welcome to our home...

It really, really is our home, this 33rd house of mine.  We've had another busy day hanging art on the walls - those nervous first taps of mine last week certainly made it easier over the past couple of days.  And the hammer mark I made in the ceiling on Tuesday meant I was ready for anything to happen - and also knew not to try pulling misplaced hooks from the wall with the hammer pointing at something it could hit...
We've hung up our tools for the day.  I have some contracting work to do and have to head out into the cold, bitter day - such a contrast to last week's relentless heat.  We have strong winds forecast and hail - not a nice afternoon at all!  But the garden is very happy to receive rain, hail, whatever!  But back to the inside - it's amazing how tiring all of this is.  So many decisions about what to go where and if we put that there, what about that one?!  Then there's all the maths - working out how far apart to hang everything, how low down from the ceiling.  Then once you have the level of the top of the painting, you have to work out how far down the hook will go, plus work out the middle.  I have pages of figures scribbled on them and somehow I seem to have managed to get most of my calculations right - changing between metric and imperial, whichever gave the more exact measure.
This sweet shelf unit was a steal from the local op shop nearly four years ago.  It's been shunted around and kept in the garage until now.  The collection I've put in there today isn't quite right, but it will allow us to change things around as we please.  I can see it being great fun and can't wait to have some time to put it together.  I had been planning on painting it, but think it will remain white with the light greeny-blue for now - there's too much else to do!  Joe's home again tomorrow and we will keep sorting more things out.  Into the garage if we run out of pictures to hang.  It's so lovely having him here to work these things out.  We have the benefit of being in the house for a few months now and now what we want where...  finding our way and making our home.


  1. Replies
    1. Wish you could come and see it in person!!! And us of course!

  2. It all looks wonderful and we are looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. I would have loved to see the faces of the schoolies when they came home and saw their transformed home! Love Mrs A

    1. The kids think we are very clever - and they love it! Can't wait til you get here!