Monday, 4 March 2013

a place for dreaming

There is nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the fruits of your labours.  Late yesterday afternoon, Joe and I sat down with drinks in hand admiring our handiwork in the patio.  This is easy if you don't look from the western side (at the big dip in the middle) or the ends of the rows where I inexplicably raised the bricks too high.  But for amateurs, as we are, and a temporary fix, we are very pleased with the results - not to mention stiff and sore - but now we have a place for dreaming.
It's obvious though, that if we can scrape up enough bricks we need to add two more rows to the western side (the right, as you look at this photo).  Last week's rain saw water gush into this area and we're keen to keep it out as best we can.  When we finished building, we had a bob cat come in and scrape the site clean and flat.  We cleverly (!) left the sections around the house lower as we're planning on laying gravel paths.  We didn't realise that the budget wouldn't automatically allow for further landscaping.  It could be some time before we can afford to finish the paths.  In the meantime...  trenches perhaps?!

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