Wednesday, 6 February 2013

the immaculate housewife - frazzled!

I've been working on a gorgeous needlepoint tapestry kit that Kate gave me, designed by New Zealand artist Jennifer Pudney.  I started it a few years ago, then put it away one day and it became lost until we moved into the 33rd house!  I think it had been squirreled away on top of the fridge, forgotten during those long days of early babyhood with Jono, then just simply out of my mind.  I was delighted when it resurfaced in a box of assortments a couple of weeks ago.  Jennifer's 'Immaculate Housewife' - as the kit is labelled - lies prone on the couch, vacuum in hand, wondering how are we meant to do... everything?!

In Jennifer's words:

Although her mother had never actually told her that the duty of a perfect wife was to keep a perfectly clean house, she felt compelled to do all that her mother had done, as well as the new things a girl was supposed to do in the nineties.