Sunday, 17 February 2013

the handmade bed

We picked up yet more boxes from mum's yesterday and I was delighted to find the rest of my fabric collection.  Included in the box was a beautiful white sheet decorated with large, hot pink flowers I'd found at the op shop years ago.  I bought it with patchwork in mind, but looking at it yesterday I couldn't bear to think of cutting it in to pieces.  The sheet is very much handmade, who knows by whom, but I thought of all the work that had gone in to it and just knew I couldn't repurpose it in to something else.  Instead, it seemed perfect for a little girl's bedroom - and I know just the girl!  Sophie's bed is now a glorious riot of colour - and nearly all handmade.

In a kind of spirally, clockwise direction from top left:

  • Thrifted floral pillowcase (this and the white sheet are the only machine made items on the bed)
  • Orange and pink stripe and patchwork cushion with Gocco printed grasses (me)
  • Pink Ken Done doona cover (mum - which was made for me when I was about 14!)
  • Strip sewn quilt (me)
  • Cream and pink crochet rug (unknown maker, bought by a family friend from a market)
  • Hand printed quilt with fruit trees and more (Kate - made as a present for Sophie)
  • Sleeping girl cushion (me)
  • Thrifted white sheet with hot pink flowers (unknown maker)

All so delicious it makes me want to curl up in there and have a nap!

See you later!

PS I had to edit this to add in a couple of things I forgot - that's what you get for listening to someone doing their school reading at the same time...  must not multi-task, it is very over-rated!


  1. Replies
    1. I know where you'll be hanging out next time you come over!

  2. What a beautiful collection of pretty linens. I love that you still have your 14 yr old doona cover (good old Ken Done) and the sleeping girl cushion you made is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Kylie! That makes it a - heh hem - nearly 26 year old doona cover!!

  3. Gorgeous bed! Nothing much gorgeous in this house with all the occupants being male....

    1. Thanks! It is lovely to indulge the inner pink - funnily enough I wasn't really in to pink and pretty when I was younger, but love it now. I was more a tomboy back then!