Saturday, 23 February 2013

the great lego diamond robbery

It seems like diamond robberies are rife at the moment!  Far away from the streets of Brussels, where according to news reports, $50 million worth of diamonds were stolen, another audacious robbery has occurred - this time, right under the nose of the local police station...  This brazen thief is making a run for it with a very rare green diamond.  It's a pity he's not looking where he's going as he's about to run straight in to a motorbike ridden by a fellow criminal, who is also fleeing the long arm of the law.

(Lego action courtesy of Tom who loves Lego and architecture.  He says it mixes together well, because when you want to be an architect and have Lego, you can design houses you want to make in the future.)


  1. That is gorgeous! Cleverer little architect and story teller, all in the one package! Love Mrs A

  2. Replies
    1. Tom says there's also a bank, an old castle behind the police station, a fire guy, a mine and the docks! Also, he's just added in an airport! Busy boy.