Monday, 11 February 2013

sundays in the garden

 On Sundays after our tip run we've been getting in to the garden, working on some of the many projects to be done.  This mandarin tree has been looking very out of shape and sad, wanting a good deal of attention.  Joe dug up the grass from around its base and replanted that nearby, then fertilised and mulched the root base.  We thought the brick border would keep the grass from growing back too close.  We're all delighted with Joe's handiwork - Tom particularly so: "This is just the beginning!"  I would have to agree!
I also took a moment to hang my thrifted bird cage from the apricot tree.  It adds a bright flash of colour and would look cute lit up at night.  The chain is from a hanging pot plant - another tip find!  I am just loving putting our energies in to our own place.  It is soooooo satisfying and enlightening.  It was lovely yesterday - both Tom and Sophie were helping and really enjoying being part of the whole process.
Oh - and our trip to the tip revealed more of the Japanese saucers - they were in another box I hadn't looked in before.  It's funny that they were separated from the saucers I found, a lesson to really look properly next time!  We also found a couple of fold out canvas chairs for the kids and a small bike for Jono.  It was there last week, but I thought we could do without it...  and left it behind!  We do have a bike for Jono, but this one is even smaller again and will get him going earlier - hopefully!


  1. Looks great. And I love to blue unider the apricot tree, echoing the blue of the dog kennel! I'm sure on purpose! You are all making your home more and more your home, putting your mark on it, we'll done! Love Mrs A

    1. Thanks Mrs A! It wasn't intentional at all, but I can pretend it was!

  2. It's looking great - and I'm very jealous of your lovely bird cage!