Thursday, 7 February 2013

small harvest - corn

We grew corn this summer - only a few plants that we didn't pot on in time, so we've had somewhat stunted cobs.  I was delighted, then,  to find a ripened cob with enough corn on it for a snack!
Tom and I fought over the plate - Sophie didn't even try it, whilst Jono took a small bite and spat it out. Sacrilege I say!

Tom and I weren't concerned.  The small offering we had was barely enough for one person, let alone two or even four!  Hopefully we will harvest another few servings from the cobs that are still ripening.

Even though we haven't had much of a harvest, it was ours!  It's very satisfying to grow something yourselves and enjoy the fruits of your labour, so to speak.  One corn niblet at a time!


  1. Delicious! Did you cook it? E and I love it straight from the cob fresh, juicy,sweet and uncooked!
    Love Mum