Wednesday, 27 February 2013

puzzles - thrifted, new, invented and age-old

How do you keep a two year old occupied when you're on the long road to organising your house?  Puzzles!  This gorgeous Dick Bruna nurse and sick infant was a thrifted find in a local op shop.  I couldn't believe my luck!
Another favourite - it has a lion on it too, the sight of which elicits scary roars from Jono, excited to help put it together.
And the invented type - old reels of cotton that he loves sorting into rows and putting on top of each other.
And the age-old puzzle is one of my own - the family budget!  Adding, taking away, projecting...  crystal ball anyone?!

PS I had to add that mum has painted an absolutely beautiful autumn scene this morning - amazing!  So delighted to see it and want to see more!!


  1. I adore Miffy! I just finished a Miffy cross stitch last month and did a post about it. I have also been to the Miffy Museum in Utretch in the Netherlands - a fab museum and gorgeous city.

    1. I'll have to check out your cross stitch - sounds very cute! The Miffy Museum must have been amazing.