Friday, 22 February 2013

patchwork puzzle

Jono and I have spent the week in my office.  I've decided the only way to get the house organised is to move through it, room by room.  Tackling every single pile, instead of moving from the more difficult things to sort when I've had enough.  This has required constant ingenuity (self-ascribed!) on my behalf, trying to think of one activity after another.  He's been looking for puzzles this morning - he wanted one, he got one!  These patchwork pieces were part of a fabric collection gifted to me by my aunt.  She had concluded she was never going to make anything with them and I happily took receipt!
Even better, the animal collection soon joined in.  How did this cow know to reach for the green in the material, rather than the odd-tasting blue petals?
Instead of going after the cow, this dinosaur is heading straight for me...

Jono's calling me, needing me to draw Percy - I have lost count of how many trains I've drawn this week... and now train tracks.  I had forgotten how demanding two year olds could be!


  1. That is the cutest post ever - Jono is such a funny little thing!

    1. Funny, cute... and bossy! And edible too, sooooooo, sooooooo delicious... despite the sticky two year old fingers... they worry me slightly!