Wednesday, 13 February 2013

out and about

Every morning this week, Jono and I have dropped the kids off at school, then taken off for a walk around town.  We live in regional Victoria in a beautiful country town transversed by two creeks.  I love taking off around the streets near where we live - many houses on lovely large blocks of land.  Beautiful lush gardens sport signs announcing the use of bore water instead of mains to keep their gardens alive.  Magnificent gums tower all around us - the two bottom images are on our lane, to the west and the east.  It's an unsealed road which does admittedly mean a lot of dust flies up, however we feel like we're off in our own little world here.  Jono and I even met an echidna on the way home the other day, but it ran into another garden by the time I retrieved my camera.  We've also seen rabbits, kookaburras, cockatoos and other bird life.  There's no time to miss living on farms, which we did for over seven years - we have all the wildlife we could possibly want living right on our door step - in town!


  1. And no snakes! A lovely place to live, love Mrs A

    1. You know, I wouldn't want to put your theory to the test! There were some in our old neighbour's back garden and I reckon you'd find a couple next door here if you looked through the pampas grass!