Tuesday, 19 February 2013

organise / reorganise

You know you've nailed a kid's bedroom layout when they actually start playing in there!  We had a huge reshuffle over the weekend and moved everything around in Jono's room.  Inspired by that, we moved on to Sophie's room and then my office.  Instead of bringing out every single toy to the living room, the kids have had a ball setting up train tracks and the car mats - we even had train tracks running out in to the hallway!  Although there is still so much to sort out, we know we have the bones of the rooms sorted.  It's only taken two months...

And yes, my office is already proving a place for play - Jono's had the ninky nonk set up and has space to spread out with puzzles and to draw.  Just imagine how much room there will be when I have everything put away properly (I would post a photo but it's too scary!).