Sunday, 10 February 2013

now that's what I call stonefruit season!

I had a phone call from a friend this week, wondering whether I'd like some peaches...  would I ever?!  Much to my delight, a huge box of even huger peaches landed on my doorstep early one morning, rescued from marauding cockatoos.  We honestly must have been given about 100 of these delicious, juicy fruits - considering that at the stage of this photo, there were still 72 left (counted by Tom and his mate in a task on estimating!) and I'd already made one batch of chutney and we'd all eaten loads.  I have more chutney on the go at the moment - ready to be bottled when I sign off - and sliced peaches in the fridge awaiting sugar syrup and being put in the freezer.

Oh - and if you've seen my preserving kit, please let me know!  I'm hoping it's at mum's, otherwise it's been lost in the move...

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