Friday, 1 February 2013

must read - good in a crisis

It's been too busy here and I am forcing myself to slow down.  I've found it hard to read over the past couple of years and it's always been a standby relaxant for me - a few pages before sleep have always done me the world of good.  I don't know whether it's become harder to find a good book or whether it's just the distractions I've had recently, but even starting a book has been hard, let alone finishing one.  I needn't have had any fears about 'Good in a Crisis' though - I was hooked after page one.  Margaret Overton takes us through a particularly heinous period of her life, beginning with the breakdown of her long-term marriage, then back in to the workplace and new romance - discovering at the worst of moments that she was suffering from a brain aneurysm.
Margaret's humour and deep insight give her memoir just the right ingredients for a great read, one of those books you just simply have to read!  It's not often I've written to an author to congratulate them on their work - in fact, I'm just wondering now whether I have...  I know I wrote to Adriana Trigiani once, looking for a torrone recipe (!), but I think that's all!  Anyway, I was so taken by this book, that I whipped off an email to Margaret yesterday - wonder whether she will reply?!

Please, beg, borrow or buy yourself a copy and have a great read - and let me know what you think!

PS Unrelated image above, beautiful artwork by Tom created at nana's house, then she framed it for him for Christmas.  It's just got the most fabulous colours in it - I wish he would give it to me!!


  1. I have ordered the book, I loved the glimpse of it at your house. Glad you like Tom'

  2. Tom's picture I meant. I am sure you even love Tom , not just like!

  3. Yes, I do like - and absolutely love in a door Tom - and think his picture is wonderful!