Tuesday, 5 February 2013

more tip love - salvaged japanese saucers

Sometimes you walk away from a great find, rationalising that even at the tip things need to be categorised in to wants versus needs.  After I left these saucers behind, I spent the next week thinking about them, envisaging them on my walls.  It was a long wait to return the following Sunday and I made a beeline for the box they had been in, hoping they would still be there.  Thankfully thrifted saucers from the tip aren't as popular as I had thought and I was able to scoop them up for purchase.
I haven't yet put them on the wall - in fact, now I quite like just being able to use them.  On the weekend, we had mum and MSF for dinner and served them up heart-shaped sushi on these sweet Japanese saucers.  I can hear the cogs of your brains working and wondering on the heart-shaped sushi, but that is a story for another day!
Whichever way you look at the saucers, they are lovely - the chips on the sides of the red Mikasa plate, the gold rim of a floral one, which hid underneath the others in the top image, or the smooth white edges of the Jankie saucers.  Such simple beauty, somehow so evocative.  Whatever it is, it reminds me that when I go to the tip and fork out between $5-10 for a bootload of goodies, I don't have to separate my wants from my needs.  At those prices, even I can have it all!