Saturday, 9 February 2013

more for the garden - beautiful albizia

I've been noticing the plants in people's gardens as I've walked through our neighbourhood, noticing what's growing well and adding plants to our list.  Something striking from these walks is the albizia (thanks mum for the id!) with it's beautiful almost dandelion-like flowers. 
I've looked at a few websites and it's still unclear what height it will grow to - some nurseries say 6m and others say 10m.  I will have to do some more research through gardening books.  Mum found one which said is was short-lived, which would be sad!  I did find that the flowers didn't last - this one was beautiful whilst freshly picked, but had died by the next morning...
For now, it's on the evergrowing (pardon the pun!) list of plants - wonder whether we'll have enough garden for everything?!  I hope so!


  1. In the garden at my previous house - we had two of these beautiful trees growing. They do provide a beautiful dappled shade canopy in summer, however they are quite messy during autumn and winter when everything drops. Ours were probably about 4-5m tall, I have also heard that you shouldn't plant them to close to drains.

    Absolutely beautiful though when in flower and in early spring seeing the little wax-eyes flitting from branch to branch.

    1. HI Julie

      Thanks for the info! I'm glad to know about the pipes - we will have to be very careful where we plant it!