Friday, 8 February 2013

mood board - make it your own!

A few houses ago I had a mood board set up with inspirational images garnered from magazines or cards I'd been given.  As I've been unpacking the boxes in my office, I found a collection of photos I'd had printed, but hadn't put in frames.  It struck me that I had enough pictures there to make my own mood board - a reminder, if you like, of what I have done and can do.  I can now sit at my desk and look at this board, drifting away perhaps to other times or inspired to get out and do more with my camera, or put the pictures together with words, much like I do on this blog.

Have you ever made a mood board of your own?


  1. One always needs something beautiful to look at and to dream about, remembering and imagining, love Mum

    1. I think it's the remembering, then the dreaming and planning for me xoxoxo