Sunday, 3 February 2013

garden inspiration - more from the butter factory

Our front garden remains a dust bowl - a few straggly weeds growing, granted, but otherwise a harsh, compacted barren place sloping down to the road.  I feel like I need to stage a garden intervention on myself, but there are so many other things to do!  The paving needs finishing!  My office needs clearing!  Our pictures need hanging!  The deck needs oiling!  There are 60 million and one things to do and I just can't do everything at once.  Instead, I will continue to get vicarious pleasure from other people's gardens - whether in my copious supply of magazines or in real life, such as that of the Butter Factory.  Imagine just having one of those roses, above, to make such a beautiful handful of petals!
Or an old panelled sliding door, paint chipped and worn, featuring outside your bedroom window?  I flagged this idea with Joe, but he wasn't as keen!  Isn't it beautiful though, propped against the tank, roses growing up its side?  And the gaura in the foreground - stunning!  It's what I'm missing at the moment - those layers and elements that add to a home and mark them as your very own.  I really am not a blank canvas with a dirt patch out the front for a garden!  I feel like putting up a sign out the front - garden on its way, just need a bit more time!  Feel free to drop me off some of your favourite cuttings!
And these creatures - don't they look great outdoors?!  More flowers for Jono - I will have to send him back there to get his fix as I don't have many left in my pots.  I have had dahlias slowly growing in an old wheelbarrow, watching and waiting for their flowers to open.  One was getting closer and closer until Jono did some early pruning...  I just hope the other flowers remain safe!

Now, it's time for our weekly trip to the tip - we still have packing boxes to drop off for recycling and I'll be scavenging through the shed to see if there are any goodies to bring home...